The 90th Academy awards took place last week and one actress was in the spotlight; alongside all the glitz and glam of the award ceremony a grand theft took place.

Frances McDormand best noted for her Best Actress title and Oscar winning performance in 'Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri' had her oscar stolen from her just hours after being presented it.


Terry Bryant, the suspect in questioning, is now infamous for turning up to the most elite award shows; with a constant goal of never leaving empty handed.



At the after party Bryant could be seen streaming and posting to facebook bragging about 'his' winning. Onlookers belived his mockup feeling honoured in his presence and asking to touch the statue and offer their congratulations, completely unaware the oscar was far from his.


Luckily by the end of the night the award was reunited with its rightful owner.


This last act of stealing McDormand's award has topped all rest and with that his punishment is due to be equally as grand. He is currently on a $20,000 (£14,400) bail until his court hearing takes place this first Wednesday of March. If convicted Bryant can be facing up to three years in prison.

Terry Byrant pictured at The MTV Music Awards, The Oscars and The SAG awards - picture credits to Indiewire

Terry Byrant (left) posing with stolen oscar. Frances McDormand (right) reunited with oscar - picture credits to Inside Edition