Atila: Battle Angel will get a immersive experience to go along with the film.

Reports state that Alita: Battle Angel, the film from produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez will be getting an experience called “Passport to Iron City.”

For those not in the know, Iron City is the name of the city the film will be set in, and it looks to feature a plethora of cyborgs, not the least of which is the titular Alita, played by Rosa Salazar.

Passport to Iron City’ will open in Los Angeles starting Jan. 23; New York on Jan. 26 and Austin on Jan. 29. The immersive experience transports visitors directly into the futuristic world of Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron and Jon Landau’s upcoming 20th Century Fox film.

Guests will be able to explore Iron City, which has been recreated down to the last detail by the film’s production designers, where they interact with the City’s gritty residents, earn credits by completing puzzles and challenges, experiment with custom technology built for the retro-future Alita aesthetic, and uncover hidden clues to determine their fate with the city’s controlling force.

Atila: Battle Angel is released on 14th January 2019. You can check out the trailer below!

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